Steven Craig Gilmore

*Member of I.A.T.S.E. (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, its Territories and Canada)*

*Valid passport for on-site overseas location support.

*Fully mobile art studio ready for on-site location support.


To continue to actively supply my clients  in the motion picture, television, animation, advertising, video game, comic book and publishing industries with world class storyboards, conceptual illustration, production design and art direction for their projects.


  • 24 years production experience.
  • Specializing and emphasis in storyboarding and cinematic storytelling as well as conceptual art and 2d animatics (including character and costume design, set/environmental design, props design, 2d special effects design through animatics, marker comps, mock ups and digital video compositing.)
  • Experienced traditionally trained cel animator as both key, in-between, and clean up animator as well as animation direction.
  • Sequential illustration and storytelling for comic books as a penciller, inker and colorist.
  • All artwork carried out through traditional paper and scanner in conjunction with digital work through Photoshop, Painter, Premiere, Sketch-Up, and After Effects.


  • Experienced cinematic compositing and pre-visualization skills.
  • 9 years experience in hand key framed character animation in Maya with some 3D Studio Max and Motionbuilder and Sketch-Up experience. Some 3D modeling experience. Some 2D/3D texture experience. Some motion capture experience.


Film Shots Studio –  1989 – Present

Artist/Sole Proprietor

  • Founding member of Artamus Studios (1 of 6) specializing in illustration for the comic book, film, tv, and traditional game industries.

Blue Ridge Motion Pictures – November 2007

  • Guest lecturer on storyboarding and production design.

Alamance Community College – January-April 1995

  • Guest instructor – Storyboarding, comic book illustration and the art of sequential storytelling.

Savannah College of Art and Design – 1997

  • Guest lecturer on comic book illustration and sequential storytelling.


  • Alamance Community College, Graham, NC            Graduated in 1989

A.A.S. Degree in Commercial art and audio visual illustration.


  • Featured guest subject – Talk Radio, television, online and newspaper interviews.
  • Comic Book Illustration work on file at the Victoria and Albert Art Museum of London, England.
  • Featured Art guest at various industry trade shows nationwide.
  • Guest contributing artist  for industry reference book “Storyboards, Motion in art 3rd edition” 2006 Focal Press.


  • Member of I.A.T.S.E.
  • Member of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences

 Client/Project List

 -Feature Film/Television/Animation

  • NBC/Universal television – TV pilot illustration – “Constantine”
  • Universal Pictures – Feature Film storyboards “Term Life”
  • Benaroya Pictures – Feature Film storyboards “CELL”
  • AMC Studios – TV storyboards “The Walking Dead” (multiple episodes)
  • CW Network – TV Storyboards “The Vampire Diaries” (multiple episodes)
  •  Focus Features – Feature Film storyboards “Kill the messenger”
  • Sundance Channel – TV storyboards “The Red Road”
  • Universal Pictures – Feature Film storyboards “Endless Love”
  • ABC Studios – TV storyboards “Resurrection”
  • Warner Brothers Pictures – Feature Film storyboards “Prisoners”
  • 20th Century Fox television – TV storyboards “Homeland” (multiple episodes)
  • USA Network television – TV storyboards “Necessary Roughness”
  • Bad Robot/NBC television – TV movie storyboards “Revolution”
  • Millennium Pictures – Feature Film Storyboards “Killing Season”
  • Universal Pictures – Feature Film Storyboards “American Reunion”
  • 20th Century Fox – Feature Film Storyboards “The Watch”
  • Cine Mosaic – Feature Film illustration “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”
  • ABC/Lifetime – TV storyboards – “Army Wives” (multiple episodes)
  • Summit Entertainment – Feature film storyboards and concept illustration “Sorority Row”
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures – Feature film storyboards and concept illustration “The Secret Life of Bees”
  • Universal Pictures – Feature film storyboards and concept illustration “The Strangers”
  • CW Network television – Storyboards, production illustration and on-air prop illustration “One Tree Hill” (multiple episodes)
  • NBC Studios/Universal television – Creature concept illustration “Surface”



  • Kurt/Salmon and Associates – Advertising/POP marketing concept illustration
  • Benelli USA – Advertising storyboards
  • FitzMartin, Inc. – Advertising storyboards
  • Tattoo Projects – Advertising storyboards
  • Design Reactor, Inc. – Conceptual illustration/set design
  • Wieden and Kennedy, Inc. – Storyboards for 2008 Super Bowl spot
  • Jennings Co. – Advertising comps/storyboards
  • TBWA Chiat/Day Character design/Advertising storyboards/Comps
  • Charles Ryan Associates – Commercial Television Storyboards/Comps
  • Coke Cola, Inc. – 2D cell animation /Comps
  • Strottman International, Inc. – Comps/Illustration/Product Design
  • Checkers restaurants – Illustration and design for products/toys
  • Warner Brothers, Inc. – Product/Packaging Illustration
  • Skybox International – Product/Packaging Illustration
  • Barnes Design Group – Storyboarding and conceptual illustration

-Theme Park design/illustration

  • Six Flags theme parks (USA nationwide) – conceptual illustration for summer 2011 anniversary

-Video games – (11 major game titles shipped)

  • THQ– Storyboarding for cinematic cut scenes– “Spongebob Squarepants and Nicktoons: Globs of Doom” as well as “Pixar Cars:Race-o-Rama”.
  • Ubisoft – 3d character animation/storyboarding/animatics/conceptual illustration for cut scenes and pre-rendered cinematics – “Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter” franchise and others. Some 3D Character animation.
  • Merscom Inc. – Character design/illustration – “Rag Doll Kung Fu” as well as “Star Trek”.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America – 2D Storyboarding/conceptual illustration/2D-3D cinematical animatics and movie compositing/3D character animation– “The Mark of Kri” and others.
  • Blur Studio/Activision – 3d character animation for cut scenes – “Spiderman 2”

-Comic Books

  • Marvel Comics Entertainment – Illustration – “Morbius the living vampire” and others
  • DC Comics Entertainment – Illustration – “Aquaman”, “Justice League International” and others
  • Malibu Comics – Illustration – “Hardcase”, “Solitaire” and others
  • Fantagraphics Books – Illustration – “Tales to give you the Creeps”
  • Caliber Comics – Illustration – “Negative Burn”, “Sherlock Holmes” and others

-RPG Game Book Publishers

  • Wizards of the Coast- Illustration – “Netrunner”, “Magic, the Gathering” and others
  • FASA Corporation – Illustration – “Shadowrun”, “Mage” and others
  • Alderac Entertainment – Illustration – “Legends of the three rings” and others
  • White Wolf Publishing, Inc. – Illustration – “Vampire, the Masquerade” and others