2006 quick year in review

Craig Gilmore



Well…..I thought I’d better, jump in before the holidays (and my next project kicks in) to just kinda’ soak in the crazy year. It’s been a fantastic one, and I am extremely honored to have made so many new friends/clients and have to have been given the chance to be a part of so many cool project this past year!! I am working in a lot of arenas of entertainment illustration, from Major feature films, to indy films, to advertising, to web art to video game development and this coming year looks to be even more productive and exciting. I have a number of projects either in the beginning stages, or upcoming soon as well as shooting my first film hopefully around Springtime. Lots to do and get in order before that starts as far as pre-production.

A few of the projects I’ve been involved with include:

“The Strangers” feature film starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman for Paramount Pictures/Rogue Pictures. (Big thanks to Brian Bertino, Sonny Mallhi and Thom Busch. You guys are awesome! Thanks for hiring me to do my favorite work in the whole world, storyboards. I hope we can work togeather again really soon.)

“One Tree Hill” for the CW television network. (Thanks to my buddies Alan, Bill, and Mark who always do a killer job on my favorite show! Thanks for hiring me and letting me do my thing on my favorite show!)

“The Way of War” feature film for Capital City Pictures. (Great guys to work with)

Various video games in various stages of development.

“Storyboards: Motion in art, 3rd edition” by Mark Simon has been released. It includes some of my work so check it out when you’re at the bookstore.

Anyhow, I need to keep it short and sweet this year with the year end wrap, but here’s looking ahead to a happy, fulfilling, challenging, and sucessful 2007!

Merry Christmas and hope you all have a happy New Year!!!