A bit of my history…..or “Where I started my art career in good old NC!”

Craig Gilmore


Hi! Here is a bit of history and where I started my career. We started Artamus studios in around 1992 in Hillsborough, NC as a co-op studio for comic book artists. As it turned out it launched so many careers of well known comic book artists and illustrators. Including Richard Case, Scott Hampton, Mike Wieringo (R.I.P. Mikey), John Lowe, Jeff Parker, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Casey Jones, Randy Greene, Nathan Massengill, Chris Kemple and myself. Look up all these talented industry leading artists for some of the talent I was honored to learn and be inspired from day to day. Artamus Studios truely did launch my career. I will forever have fond memories of these days and years. I just thought you might like to see a bit of a time capsule from my early days. And YES I would love to find my way back to NC (Wilmington). Please follow the link to TV interview from the UNCTV public television show “North Carolina NOW” TV show! This is back when Wilmington Screen Gems was called Delaurentis Studios lol!