An observation, a viewpoint, and a rant

Craig Gilmore


To all the so called “filmmakers” and *Lo/NO pay productions*,

Of course I’m a little biased with this because I’m a storyboard artist, but this really bothers me…..

Why is it that filmmakers *want* storyboards, but view them as a *luxury* part of the development cycle, so “we won’t have them”. I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken with that are doing a film, but “don’t have the budget” for *one of the most importaint parts of *ANY FILM DEVELOPMENT CYCLE*?!! They look at it like its an option. That statement cannot be further from the truth, and I pity any filmmaker who thinks this way. In fact, that addition of storyboards is most importaint factor in pre-viz, and in reality *saves* the production money in the end by simplifying, *clarifying* the filmmaking process. Look at all the greatest filmmakers of our time, the ones you say are your inspiration and influence. *They* used/use storyboards, and saw them as not just a “luxury”, but as a necessity. Wake up people….You call yourselves a real filmmaker, but you don’t use boards for your production…..hmmmm……..let’s think about this…..and start preparing for the inevitable loss of time and precious money that your production will inevitibly rack up for *not* having them. Think about it…..

I’ve purged my system….