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Something cool I thought I would share! The ‘making of’ video for one of the Walking Dead episodes I boarded this season actually shows them using my boards on location. So cool to see. I rarely get to see them being used. This was for a gigantic zombie herd sequence and car sequence 🙂 Enjoy!

Screen grab of my boards for ‘Behind the Walking Dead”

Dan Sackheim utilizing my storyboards on location.

Animatic link

Please visit the following link for an animatic sample which was directed and composited by me. I did about 80% of the drawing but credit also goes out to Richard Case for pitching in to meet deadline.

New post 2012!!

Hi everyone! I am so sorry to be so lax with my blog. I have just been slammed with work and my blog should be a priority to update everyone with my work but it just hasn’t. Instead, I have been emailing my clients with a newsletter upating with new art, new projects, and new information. Instead of typing out all the new project info, I am just including images of my newsletter to view. I think it’s a quick update and not as much typing involved lol.

New project and update

Hi all!

Just a quick one here. I just finished storyboarding a music video for Ray Kay and Rockhard Films for Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith. It’s for the song ” Whip my hair”. Will be on tv soon so check it out! It was a great video to work on. I’ll post on my website as soon as I can.

Also, Along with the “Vampire Diaries” episodes, I am working on a toy design for a client in California and also future Sci-Fi project.

Lots of bidding lately and hoping it all works out. All killer projects and fun times.

Also, preparing to work on some new comics stuff in the near future.

Will update with more art asap.

Thanks everyone and hope you are all well.

Until next update (soon),Craig

wow….a new post!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Life continues to be difficulty as far as health of family members, etc. I’ve honestly not had the heart to play with blogs. But I do hope to get back into the groove soon.

I’ve been staying busy with film and advertising work although like everyone else, it’s slower than I’d like. But my agent in LA just called about a new film gig so that’s a positive and I did just finish working on a FOX NFL commercial so that was cool. Otherwise I’ve been busy with other ‘non art’ stuff.

I will be producing new pieces of art coming up and will post some of those for you all to enjoy as soon as I do them. Until then, let’s all hope the economy turns around and jobs come back around to ‘somewhat’ normal states. I’m posting a couple of … Continued →

New movie released

Hi all,

Things have been a little slow lately, but the first of the year is always a little challenging. I’ve been doing odd things around Atlanta and trying to keep new year resolutions.

A bit of cool news is the release of the feature film “The way of war” starring Cuba Gooding Jr. I did a lot of storyboards and also some concept illustration for the film. If you have a chance try and get it. It’s a really cool movie and I really enjoyed working with Capital City on that one. Thanks guys!

here’s the imdb link –

ALSO, I’ve updated my portfolio/website link. Make sure to use THIS link to check out my work –

That’s it for now but I’ll post more soon. Take care everyone!


New movie release and update!

Hi everyone!

Well it’s a new year and with it brings new adventures and challenges. I am really thankful for all that has happened over last year. Although a very challenging time, I was really blessed for good health and projects.

So getting into it….1) “The way of war” – starring Cuba Gooding Jr. – What a fantastic project and I am so thankful for both the chance to meet and work with John Carter and Scott Schafer (director and writer). Those guys know what they are doing and it was really a pleasure to do pre-production for them. I hope to work with those guys again soon. The trailer can be found here –

2) “Main Street” – starring Colin Firth, Orlando Bloome, Amber Tamblin, Patricia Clarkson, and others. As always, I’m excited about the project, looking forward to seeing the end result and have made a ton of friends … Continued →

Newest movie and video game release

Hi all!

First off…”Happy Halloween to everyone!!!! My second fav holiday behind Christmas.

Just a quick update on some new releases I worked on that hopefully you will find pretty fun and cool. With the Halloween season upon us, now is a good time to go check out my newest movie “Sorority Row”. It’s a pretty fun film. Scary and is doing pretty well at the box office. Here’s the link to the official site –

When you are a pro illustrator, the path to success lies in your ability to be a chameleon and change gears on the fly, so on a more lighthearted humorous note, also just released is Pixar’s “Cars Race o’ Rama” video game for all video game platforms. Published by THQ and my buddies at Incinerator Studios. Here’s the official site – It was a really fun project and I always enjoy working … Continued →

New internet radio interview

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything so I thought an update was in order. I have moved to Atlanta for a while and will be based here for the forseeable future. I would like to move back to the Wilmington, NC area eventually but we will just have to see how things go.

In the meantime I just wrapped up another interview. This one an internet talk radio show “123film” on Blogtalkradio. Here’s the link if you want to check it out – good friend Sam Heer hosts the show and she does a fine job in covering all aspects of the film making industry and has a lot of great guests on the show. You should check it out and listen when you can. It’s on every Friday at 12pm PST.

As far as new projects, I just finished working on … Continued →

Updates and new blog!

Hi all,

Just wanted to fill in on the goings on around here. With the economy in the shape it is, work has been slower than normal, but I’m still getting work to I look at it as my glass is half full and not empty. I just finished jobs for a couple of new advertising clients and storyboarded some big commercials for them coming out soon.

Also, I have been working back in the comic book medium working on some new samples requested by one of the major publishers. I’m posting a piece (of 6 pages) here. If you want to see the rest of them please go over to my official webside and look under the comics section. I’m really excited to be doing comics again and hope to have some new published work again soon. Once that happens I’ll be doing the convention circuit to promote with fans … Continued →

2008 year end review

Well it’s time for my annual year end review. This one will be shorter than most as 2008 was a year of challenges professionally and personally, some of which are still being sorted out going ito 2009. First off, I don’t make new years resolutions because let’s face it, you never really meet them so why dissapoint. However I do have ‘goals’ that I want to work to acheive. It’s better to set smaller short term goals that you can acheive than big overblown new years resolutions that inevitably will fail. So having said that….

Work wise, I was on the west coast living and working like a gypsy for about 8 months, and finding some successes but still having some work to do out there that I will hopefully accomplish soon. Of course keeping the house and bills paid here in NC and working in California was a hard thing … Continued →


Every once in a while I dust off the old comics skills and have a chance to work on something for myself. This time it’s a Thor piece. Fun stuff. I need to do more. I will in the next few weeks.Hope ya’ like it!

I’ve also updated my portfolio site with a bunch of new work: production illustration, storyboards etc. Go over and check it out when you have time.



We’ll I’m back in NC! Man it’s nice to be home. Of course I’m sure I’ll be going somewhere else on projects but hopefully not for a little bit so I can just enjoy the fall and winter here. But work is work and we will see what happens.

That’s is all……


October update

Hi all,

Well a lot has been going on lately personally and professionally. I think the biggest news for the moment is that I’m finally heading back home (for now) after almost 8 months of being on the west coast. We’ve been out here where I’ve been working on projects in San Diego and Los Angeles and my wife and I taking care of her father in Arizona while going through kemotherapy treatments. He’s now doing much better and we have the all clear to leave. Boy, is it going to be nice sleeping in my own bed and not living like gypsies!! You really learn to appreciate the small things in life!

I’ve been very busy lately with various storyboarding and concept illustration projects for tv commercials and am getting set to start a new video game project in the coming weeks doing some storyboarding. I’m really excited about this … Continued →

"The Secret life of bees" trailer and movie poster

Hi all!

I just found out that the trailer to my next movie “The Secret life of bees” is up over at Click on the link to go to the site and view the trailer – It looks great! Make sure to check it out when it opens in theaters. It’s a great story and I really enjoyed working on it!

More later!


New portfolio site!


Well, it was a long time in the making and something that had to be done. I finally got around to producing a site that not only is clean and simple in it’s format, but is also meant to be the 1 CLEAR AND ALL INCLUSIVE site to see my work! I even decided to show some animation this time (even though I’m not looking for any animation work so please don’t call me for that). I tried different sites and multiple sites, and all sites in between and it was just clogging up my email signature and confusing people as to where to go to get updates on my work. I’m still trying to clean up a lot of things and there are a ton of things I WANT to show that I CAN’T show as yet. Please keep checking back on the site for new work. So without … Continued →

San Diego Comic Con afterwords

Well, once again the San Diego Comic Con again proves it’s the big daddy of the shows. Whew I am beat after the 4 day (and 1 preview night) jaunt. This was my wife’s first show ever and I think her brain was blown from the sheer amount of craziness and stimulus in the air. At first she was wierded out but then I couldn’t get her to leave! I’m glad she got to experience it all and I think I have the ‘all clear’ sign to go again. I wasn’t in artists’ alley this year (will be next year) but did a lot of walking around networking and meeting friends and fans. I made a lot of great new connections and have a lot of interest in my work in the Marvel Comics/DC Comics/Wildstorm camp going back into comics after what…12-13 years now since I … Continued →

June update

Hi all!

Well it’s always interesting isnt it? I have been super busy and havent had a chance to breathe lately. I’m still living and working in the San Diego/LA area for the forseeable future. Really missing my old North Carolina though fer sure (except the heat and humidity of the summers).

Firstly I am really excited that “The Strangers” movie finally came out….and it came togeather fantastically! I boarded and did some concept work for that so I am stoked. I’m posting some boards from the film just for fun. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did working on them. They were a combination of traditional drawing, digital drawing, and Google Sketch Up for sets. We worked so fast that I just ended up drawing over Sketch Up screenshots of the sets a lot of times to save production time. It was an interesting way to … Continued →

May update and "Indiana Jones" sketch

Hi everyone!

Well it’s been interesting out here in Hollywood. With the potential pending SAG strike looming, a lot of work is shut down until the dust clears. So, I’ve been keeping busy with ad work and other odd assignments. I may be going back to the east coast and work there until things get back to normal but nothing is for sure. Just weighing my options.

One a lighter note, I am posting a new piece of art. It’s rare these days that I get to do anything for myself or for the fun of it. Today I saw the commercial for the new Indiana Jones movie and got motivated. So here’s a sketch of “Indy” just for fun. Hope you enjoy it! I hope to do more ‘for fun’ and I’ll post it as I do it.

Here’s a link to my portfolio on my agents’ site which is … Continued →

New stuff…….still from LA

Hi everybody!

Just thought I’d pop on and let ya know the new what’ up’.

1- I’m working wrapping up storyboards this week for a video game project for THQ in San Diego which has been a lot of fun over the last few weeks. I’ll tell ya more about it at a later point because of non-disclosures but I have to say it’s really cool and should be a fun game. Plus I’m gettign to work with some old buddies and that’s always fun.

2- I just finished some concept sketches for my buddies at Design Reactor and I always look forward to working with them. Thanks guys!

3- Next up, it’s back up the 5 from San Diego to LA to do a new live action feature film. I should be on that for the 5 weeks or so.

Things are going well and keep our fingers crossed that … Continued →

Writing from LA

Hi all!

I’m writing this from LA and things are going very well. I have a number of major projects that I’m involved in and all is going well.

I just finished this piece for a client and thought I’d share it with viewers. It’s a “Hellboy” sketch and was finished today. Hope you like!

Ill be updating with news as it transpires! Hello from southern Cali!

Craig Gilmore

Headin’ (back) to Hollywood for a little bit!

Hi all! An update on my latest projects and news:

I’m going out to Hollywood for a few months to attach myself to some motion picture projects now that the writer’s strike is over. I’ve been planning a trip for a while now and the time is right. I love going to visit California and it should be a fun time both work related and non work related. I’m looking forward to riding some ATV and dirt bikes in the desert! I’ll be back in North Carolina soon if all goes as planned and am keeping it as my home base.

1- I just finished “The Secret Life of bees” for Fox Searchlight Pictures. I’ll post art from it as I get clearances.2- I just finished some concept illustration for my friends at Design Reactor. They are great guys and I had fun on that project. I look forward to doing … Continued →

First update of 2008!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and thanks for continuing to check into my blog even though I don’t post as often as I should!

I’ll dive right in…..

I just completed storyboards and concept illustration for “The Secret Life of Bees” For FOX Searchlight Pictures. I had a blast and worked with lot of old friends and made some new ones. Special thanks go to Warren who through all the chaos of film production kept it real and fun. I hope to be working with you again soon. If projects keep happening in Wilmington then I may be relocating there to avoid the dreaded twice a week 2 1/2 hour commute from here. It gets old….

Up next is another horror motion picture called “Depravity”. I’ll be producing storyboards and concept on that one as well for 5 or so weeks from my studio this time and not on location unless needed.

I’m … Continued →

End of the year update and thanks 2007

Hi! Time for the annual summary/review. This one will be short and sweet and I’m running around on a project.

It’s definitely been a year of changes, and very busy work year again and filled with new and exciting projects with new clients and continuing projects with past clients. Notables include Jennings & Co., Fox Searchlight, Boulevard Films, Dripping Dead Films, Ubisoft Ent. , Merscom Ent. and a whole slew of others. My sincerest thanks to all of my clients who worked with me over the past year and called me for illustration. I really enjoyed all the projects and I hope to further nurture those relationships in 2008.

I’m currently on a feature film called “The secret life of bees” in Wilmington, NC. I’m going back and forth from the production and working on location and also remotely. It’s a great production based on a bestselling novel and on which I’m … Continued →

Artwork, update and link

Hi all,

Things are busy as usual for me right now, and I thought I’d publish a couple of new pieces of art for the lookin’. This is an environmental concept and a character concept for Ubisoft. I will try to do better posting more images but with all my projects, I don’t update the blog as much as I should. Hope you enjoy the images!

Also, on a buisness note I am now a member of I.A.T.S.E. Union Local 491. Local 491’s jurisdication represents film crew in North and South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. For those unfamiliar with I.A.T.S.E., that stands for (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage employees, moving picture technicians, Artists, and allied crafts of the United States). Their link – This union does fantastic work representing film professionals applying their craft in making sure we all get our checks on time, our … Continued →

Mike Wieringo remembered…….

*I Call this the “Romeo and Juliet” shot haha! Mike and Jeff Parker posing for a shot. I think Morbius was supposed to be flying away? Or flying to the ground….I can’t remember but it makes for a funny picture…..Actually lots of the came out bad because they were Polaroids. I must have spent a fortune on film back then…*

*Jeff Parker and Mike posing for a scene in “Morbius” for Marvel* I think it was a pre-requisite that you had to be willing and able to pose for reference shots if you joined the studio and we all did all the time*

*This pic was in my studio at Artamus Studios circa ’94 I would say. I ‘used’ be pretty messy and not sure if Mike was posing for a reference picture or if he was actually trying to find a place to put something in my … Continued →

An old friend and studio mate Mike Wieringo passes away.

I’m sorry to pass the news along this morning that my good friend and Artamus Studios studiomate Mike Wieringo has passed away from what apparently was a heart attack. Details are still coming in but this is certainly tragic news and all I know right now. Mike and I were apartment mates and studio mates in the early/mid 90’s and the news of his passing is both tragic and eye opening as to how fragile life is and our time spent here. Mike was a fantastic illustrator and one of the best comic book artists in the industry. It was indeed a pleasure to watch him work and gain popularity with the fans. Even more than being a superior artist he was a fantastic human being who always went out out of his way for people and had a positive influence on everyone that had the pleasure to know him. … Continued →

"Surface" clarification…

The art I recently posted from “Surface” has been getting a lot of attention. That’s awesome and I am glad the art viewing public likes the illustrations as I posted them for viewing enjoyment. 🙂 However, I do need to clarify one thing that has come to light through fans of the show. Although I did like the show and was more than happy to contribute creatively, these illustrations were from the *original season* and in no way shape or form are to be considered *new* concept art for a return of the series. I have no connections with the higher-ups as NBC and have heard absolutely nothing in the way of continuing the series. I am a hired gun to illustrate what the client needs for a particular project and I don’t have any sort of pull or influence on bringing the show back. Please don’t contact me for … Continued →

Production update 8/2/07

Hi everyone,

Time for an update on projects going on at the moment, as well as a new piece of art. This particular concept piece was for the tv show “Surface” for NBC.

Unfortunately all of the work I’m currently doing is under confidentiality contracts so I can’t name names or specifics at this point. I CAN say the art flow has been steady lately and I’ve been busy. Storyboards for another major motion picture are on the horizon as well as a new video game. I’ve also been producing some personal commission work for some fans in my spare time (is there such a thing as spare time?). I know this update is kind of mysterious and non specific. When you work under confidentiality contracts this is unfortunately the case. Wish I could be more descriptive and I will be as I can release more info.

Things are very … Continued →

Great Screens from "The Strangers" Rogue Pictures/Universal Pictures

Hi everybody!

Just a couple of links of interest for those of you who may be interested in the upcoming “The Strangers” motion picture. I worked on the storyboards for this film last year. The forum in the link is from and contains some really sweet images of Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman and Gemma Ward from the movie that were recently released. Go check it out and make sure to go see the movie when it comes out! It’s creepy and we all worked extremely hard to make a really great film!


Creature concept

Good Monday morning! It’s been a while since I actually posted some real art on the site. Most of the time I’m too busy updating with news and projects. Anyhow, sorry ’bout that! Here’s a creature concept piece. This one wasn’t for tv or movies, but the video game industry and Ubisoft. I’ll be doing more posts like this so keep checking in and keep me in mind for your art outsourcing needs 🙂



Hi everybody,

I wanted to repost (re-air :-)) one of my original posts that I think deserves some additional attention and is food for thought. ‘DAM newsletter’. Digital Artists Management – and Digital Artist Management Consultants –… and contact them should you need the very best in artists placement. Great guys and great jobs for a changing marketplace. Please read on especially if you are and artist that works/has worked in games or if you are in a position to hire an artist for your video game project.

*originally published in the Digital Artists Newsletter*THE CONVERGENCE OF FILMS & GAMES: A Staffing DilemmaOver the last several years, there have been numerous discussions, debates, and panels dedicated to the convergence of the film and game industries. Much of the dialogue has been centered on plot development, photorealistic graphics, licenses crossing platform lines, and whether or not a game … Continued →


Thanks to all that responded (and there were a bunch)! There are a lot of really great artists out there :-). I have some really great portfolios from qualified artists to go through so please don’t send any more replies to the post. Thanks again!


Update 5/4/07

A quick update on the goings on around here. Pretty much the same as last blog, although if things go like I hope I’ll be working on 3 films over the summer and into fall! I’m talking to some directors and already doing boards for one of the 3. Things are really moving on the movie and tv end of my work.

Big things are brewing…………………Craig

What’s goin’ ’round the studio

Hello everybody!

Spring (and pollen) is in the air so I wanted to update on the projects I’m working on right now and in the coming months. Lots of cool stuff going on for sure. As usual with my work, non disclosures and confidentialities keep me from a) posting some really sweet art and b) keep me from announcing the names/companies of the projects until after they are released in theaters or on shelves. Needless to say, the past year has been a crazy one and I have a ton of new work to show *eventually* 🙂 I’ll be redesigning my website once I can get around to it. It needs a facelift and what I have in mind should blow the current one away! Stay tuned. I’ll be announcing it once it’s live.

As far as particulars:1- I’m tying up a couple of illustration projects that have been ongoing … Continued →

New interviews and where to see ’em!

Hi all!
I wanted to update my blog with a couple of new interviews I just completed.

The first is for I will be featured in the “Insider’s Scoop” section of their site soon. They asked me to write an article on storyboarding and the role storyboards play in film development. The link is –

Also, I recently completed a television interview for a show here in North Carolina called “Second Cinema”. The show covers NC filmmaking and is hosted by Hilary Russo and produced by Josh Johnson and Matthew Hayhurst. It’s a fantastic show and 2006 Telly Award Winner. My interview will air in the month of Feb. with first air on Feb. 2nd. We covered lots of cool information my studio and on producing storyboarding, concept art, animation, video games, advertising, etc. for a livin’. Please check your local cable listings for times and … Continued →

2006 quick year in review


Well…..I thought I’d better, jump in before the holidays (and my next project kicks in) to just kinda’ soak in the crazy year. It’s been a fantastic one, and I am extremely honored to have made so many new friends/clients and have to have been given the chance to be a part of so many cool project this past year!! I am working in a lot of arenas of entertainment illustration, from Major feature films, to indy films, to advertising, to web art to video game development and this coming year looks to be even more productive and exciting. I have a number of projects either in the beginning stages, or upcoming soon as well as shooting my first film hopefully around Springtime. Lots to do and get in order before that starts as far as pre-production.

A few of the projects I’ve been involved with include:

“The Strangers” feature film starring … Continued →

Around the studio update

Hi all!

Well its been a little while since my last post. I took some time off to take care of some things around home, and kinda let the blog go for a bit. Also since it’s the holiday season things are getting a little hectic with work schedules/shopping/more shopping. Now I’m back in the swing and wanted to post a little update.
1 – I’ll be updating my official site soon. A major rehaul is in order and I can’t wait to get it online. The site as it is now was designed for temporary use and not to be permanent. So I’ll be sure to post the news when the new site is up. Look out for tons of new art!!!
2 – I’m going to try and get some more sketches up on my sketchblog asap. If you haven’t already, make sure to bookmark it as well. you … Continued →

New blogs and an update

Hi everyone!

I have a couple of bit of info to pass on –

1- I have 2 new blogs sites.

The first is which is a mirror blog of this blogger site, but just under the umbrella of Film Shots. Use which ever one you prefer. I will update both of the blogs with the latest news around the studio, so if you prefer Blogger, keep using it. If you prefer the Film Shots blog from my site, feel free to use that one. Basically, what happened is the Blogger one was my first one and I started this one before I had my official website, then once I got my website I decided to have my blog through my own site. Then…after thinking about it, I decided I’d keep both of them going so people don’t get confused as to where to go to get the latest information on my … Continued →

Production Update 5/10/06

Production Update 5/10/2006

1) I am currently working on an unannounced motion picture. Pre-visualization starts this week, and will continue through the summer most likely. It’s a fantastic film, and one I am very excited to be a part of!! Details and information on this project to be released at a later date….

2) I am producing concept illustration/pre-production for 2 unannounced video games that are in the very early stages and will be ongoing for upcoming months.

3) Work will resume on my personal project in the next few weeks. 1st as a comic book story, which will later be used as pre-production art for a short film. Look for more info on this in upcoming blogs as well.

More later!



Press release…released :-)

My studio has a news blurb on the internet. Here is the original message….



“Pre-Visual Art Studio Bridges The Gap Between Entertainment Industries”

Hillsborough, NC – With the continuous and ever apparent merging and crossing over of story and visual art content in the motion picture, television, comic book, and video game industries; there is a growing need for creative out-sources that can move comfortably and smoothly between the various industries and provide a ‘medium’ for the various art departments to enhance their pre-production process. The ever growing popularity of major fantastical films such as the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Spiderman 2”, “The Matrix”, and “King Kong”, as well as television shows such as NBC’s “Surface”, and even teen dramas such as WB’s “One Tree Hill” and Fox’s “OC”, are turning more and more to pre-visual art sources for storyboarding, concept art, character development and design, illustration, and … Continued →

Production updates 3/30/06

Production updates 3/30/06

I’m working on some really cool new stuff at the moment!

I’m continuing to build the momentum and effect of Film Shots in the entertainment industries this year, and working on more and more exciting projects!

  1. Currently, I’m in the middle of a storyboard project for WB television’s “One Tree Hill, which is very satisfying personally. I’ve not missed an episode since season 1, so contributing creatively to the show is a blast!
  2. I am also in the early phases of storyboard and concept illustration for an unannounced upcoming short feature film, which is to make the major indy circuits soon.
  3. My comic book story is still ‘on the table’ so to say, although lately with my contractual work, it has been more ‘under or next to the table’ (. Hopefully, I will be able to get to it again in the near future, as it will also serve … Continued →




Just a quick note to let you know that my ‘official’ site is now live! WWW.FILMSHOTSSTUDIO.COM. Of course I’ll be updating it regularly and tweaking it, but it’s out there. You can also still visit my other portfolio/availability sites, and Look forward to working with you in the future, and I hope you enjoy the site!!


Craig GilmoreFilm Shots Studio

The new year is off to a big start!!

The new year is off to a big start!

Well, as I thought, the new year has opened with extremely exciting projects!!

I am currently working on pre-production artwork for a film for Capital City Entertainment in Washington, DC. More info to come as it is released.

Just finished an illustration job for Barnes Design Group.

Fielding many other calls for storyboard and concept illustration work for very interesting projects.  One in south Africa, the other in Sweden.

I am also completing more concept work for Redstorm Entertainment on various video game projects. More to come as it is released.

Well, that it for now!


Year End Reflection

End of the year update……

Hi Everyone!

With the holiday season quickly approaching and the new year about to start, I thought I’d write and post a little thanks to all of my wonderful new/repeat clients, my agents Artist Logic in LA, and all my lovely wife, family and friends who have been so supportive and reflect on the year that was 2005.

Business wise, this has been a fantastic year for my studio, as I picked up several new clients, and continued to produce work for established ones as well! The direction of my studio has been steadily taking me in the exciting direction of advertising, film, and TV. Projects, such as “Surface” for NBC/Universal, and other independent film work in North Carolina have kept the creative gears turning. I still have been producing a lot of successful work in the video game industry as well with the “Ghost Recon: Summit … Continued →

New project

Hi! Just putting the finishing touches on my newest project: concept illustration for TBWA Chiat/Day Advertising. Very cool project! I’ll post more info later!

I’m also starting a small personal 2d cell animation project with two comic book buddies of mine. With some major comic characters….. will keep you posted on this as well.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

More later!


Been a little while since my last post….

Hi all!

Sorry for the delay in my posts. Things have been pretty busy around my studio “Film Shots”. Mostly fielding calls and supplying quotes, setting up advertising and promotion etc. You know….buisness stuff. Anyway, things are still moving along as I…

1) have a new independant film project upcoming that wants me to do some boards and a possible DVD cover illustration for. That would be cool, and a *get back to the illustration roots* project would be fun!

2) In stores soon will be “Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter” for the Xbox 360. I did a lot of boards and concepting for this project so pick up a copy when you can.

3) working on my comic book story as time allows. Im in the layout stage at this point. hoping to produce some finished work after the holidays.

4) Other odd projects. ‘Lil bit ‘o this, ‘lil bit … Continued →

New projects

I just finished a new storyboard project with a West Virginia advertising agency. I received scripts for 2 60 second tv spots. It was a lot of fun, and a quick turn around. Best of all, another client, and another great job for the portfolio! I am also producing some illustration work for a Christmas card for another company that is due in a couple of weeks. Busy, Busy, Busy!

More later!


So heres my Monday rant…..

So here’s my Monday rant…

Finally someone gets it ……

Film and video games are becoming one. Whether you like or not, creatives and developing companies in games must be prepared for the winds of change. I welcome this new direction with open arms. As it is now, most video game companies will not allow artists to work with other video game companies. Some reasons are warranted, most are not. We as artist, have a right to work wherever and whenever we need to to make a living. New contacting policies will allow this, and make it better for all, even cutting down on the cost of development for companies over all. The limitations are unacceptable. Contracting and freelancing *IS* the way of the future in the video game industry. It benefits both the artist and the company. Unionization is also a certainty in the near future and this is something else … Continued →

New update

Good Thursday to you all. Hope it is a good one and deadline pixies are staying away 😉

I’m trying to juggle some small assignments until the bigger ones come through in a couple of weeks (they said) and in between my comic story which is going well. I’ve been tied up and it seems I haven’t posted my “semi-regular, but working on posting more frequently” update. Thanks go to Allison who reminded me that yes, people are reading this. That’s good news, so I’ll try to update more. Lastly, make sure to run over to my portfolio site which I updated with some new production art.……..the last topic today is……..

My workflow step 3) Thumbnail sketches and the art of drawing really small….

Well, after I have all the script broken down into all those circled paragraphs etc. I will draw a number of small boxes next to each circled section … Continued →

‘lil bit about my storyboard/comics workflow

Hi all,

Since some people have asked….I thought I might talk a little bit about my workflow process as it relates to storyboard and comics. I’ll have to break this up into sections as I will only cover one part of the development at a time.

1- Circles and words-When I get a script, the first thing I am interested in doing is taking it and breaking it down into bite size digestable images. There is certainly a lot of information in a normal movie script so what I do (and this goes for comics as well) is take a Colerase blue pencil and read the script. As I go, I circle sections of the script that I think would make a cool image, always keeping in mind that the story is the thing. A cool image alone is great, but in storyboarding and comics every image has to have a purpose … Continued →

An observation, a viewpoint, and a rant

To all the so called “filmmakers” and *Lo/NO pay productions*,

Of course I’m a little biased with this because I’m a storyboard artist, but this really bothers me…..

Why is it that filmmakers *want* storyboards, but view them as a *luxury* part of the development cycle, so “we won’t have them”. I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken with that are doing a film, but “don’t have the budget” for *one of the most importaint parts of *ANY FILM DEVELOPMENT CYCLE*?!! They look at it like its an option. That statement cannot be further from the truth, and I pity any filmmaker who thinks this way. In fact, that addition of storyboards is most importaint factor in pre-viz, and in reality *saves* the production money in the end by simplifying, *clarifying* the filmmaking process. Look at all the greatest filmmakers of our time, the ones you say are your … Continued →

"Time and time again" and movie

Good morning!

Haven’t posted in a while. Its been hectic around here in the last few weeks, but all is getting back to “normal” it seems. I just got the go ahead from my publisher to delve head first into the comic book story I want to do. Not that it matters. I intended to do it anyway, even it it was going to see the published light of day, BUT, this helps the motivation factor for sure. I’m already making some headway on it, so I’m happy. Its a return to the medium that started it all for me career wise, and one I haven’t worked in for about 10 years. I’m excited again, and find myself flourishing creatively, after a number of years of being disheartened with the comic book medium as a whole. After…. I’ve been thinking of possibly shooting a short film version of it after its … Continued →

Monday update post

Monday! Gotta love it right?

This is just an update post, some general stuff, and more general stuff….

Last weekend my mother and fater in-law visited for a few days. We went to Wilmington for a few days since they had never been to the Atlantic ocean. They live in California so thier only beach experience has been cold ones up to this point. They were happily suprised at the water temp out here in NC. We also went to the battleship NC and did the walk through tour. I highly reccommend this tour and the battleship is quite inpressive. Just thinking what those men went though on a day to day basis is incredible! Go do the tour when you can!

I’m fielding some new storyboarding assignmets. Good projects, and new clients so I’m very excited if they come through. Its still early in the game, just quoting presently, and working out … Continued →

NC Film incentives update!


GOV. EASLEY ANNOUNCES NEW FILM INDUSTRY INCENTIVES Move is Designed to Increase State’s Competitiveness in an Industry Vital to N.C.’s Economy

RALEIGH – Gov. Mike Easley has authorized a provision to provide tax credits to companies that produce movies or television series in North Carolina. The film incentive package, included in the budget he signed on Saturday, is designed to help North Carolina remain a top competitor in the movie and television industry.

“North Carolina has been very successful in bringing filmmakers to our state,” Easley said. “Last year alone, the film industry contributed $235 million in direct spending. This new economic development tool will make North Carolina even more attractive as a location for film production as global competition increases.”

That $235 million economic contribution was enough for North Carolina … Continued →


….takes up more of my time than she should :-). Shes a toy rat terrier or “kick toy” as most people call them. If you have a big dog, you call them…”lunch”. *Most likely taken when I should have been drawing *

Comic book project

Maybe you are interested, most possibly not, but hey, I’m starting work on another personal project. The first one in quite a while to be completely honest. I rarely draw as I should in my downtime (a good artist draws constantly in spare time with a sketch book etc.), because the constant demand of my day to day commercial art saps most my my creative flow. But, this time it’s for comic books. I had an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a little while now, and I’m finally getting the motivation (and time) to start it. Nothing too intensive, I’m thinking a 8-10 page story after all is said and done. Its a “jail break” story an theory, but as usual with my stories, theres something extra….. I’ll probably do it as a stark black and white pen and ink project. Maybe I’ll do monotone work … Continued →

NC Film incentives update!

This information was posted yesterday on the BringBackNCFilm website.

Tuesday August 9th – In an nut shell…..The House approves the budget by 1 thin vote. But due to the amount of State Employee Raises causes Governor Easly to threaten a Veto, which sends the Budget back to the House.

For those of you interested in the wording of the Film Incentive package as it exists in the budget… Look on Page 339 (Section 39.1.(a)) Click here for a PDF of the Budget as it stands now.


First Post/update

Ok! Welcome to my site! On to the first post!!

I’ve been super busy lately! I just completed 6 painted concepts for the upcoming NBC television showSURFACE“! What a blast that was and I’m looking forward to working with them again soon! Just finished storyboards for a new industry text/reference book “Storyboards: Motion in art” published by Focal Press, and written by Mark Simon. It will be out in the fall, so go to your local book store and check it out! Im also doing storyboards, set and prop designs for the new video game that I’m working on which unfortunately I cant reveal as of yet. Also, my last game “Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike” is out on the shelves as of this week. I was the lead storyboard artist and lead cinematic character animator on that one. I’m in the process of updating my personal website, which will … Continued →