First Post/update

Craig Gilmore


Ok! Welcome to my site! On to the first post!!

I’ve been super busy lately! I just completed 6 painted concepts for the upcoming NBC television showSURFACE“! What a blast that was and I’m looking forward to working with them again soon! Just finished storyboards for a new industry text/reference book “Storyboards: Motion in art” published by Focal Press, and written by Mark Simon. It will be out in the fall, so go to your local book store and check it out! Im also doing storyboards, set and prop designs for the new video game that I’m working on which unfortunately I cant reveal as of yet. Also, my last game “Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike” is out on the shelves as of this week. I was the lead storyboard artist and lead cinematic character animator on that one. I’m in the process of updating my personal website, which will be much more all inclusive with examples of my work. Ill be sure to let you know when its complete. Thats it! Back to the drawin’ board!