June update

Craig Gilmore


Hi all!

Well it’s always interesting isnt it? I have been super busy and havent had a chance to breathe lately. I’m still living and working in the San Diego/LA area for the forseeable future. Really missing my old North Carolina though fer sure (except the heat and humidity of the summers).

Firstly I am really excited that “The Strangers” movie finally came out….and it came togeather fantastically! I boarded and did some concept work for that so I am stoked. I’m posting some boards from the film just for fun. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did working on them. They were a combination of traditional drawing, digital drawing, and Google Sketch Up for sets. We worked so fast that I just ended up drawing over Sketch Up screenshots of the sets a lot of times to save production time. It was an interesting way to work. One of the pics is a board to movie still comparison. They used a lot of my work really faithfully and I was happy to see that.

I have been working with some great directors lately on pitch boards and concept illustration for some movies in the works. I’m having a blast on those and am looking forward to working on them further as the real movies go into production. Right now most major production is slow in Hollwood because of the pending SAG strike so hopefully that will get resolved soon and everyone can finally get back to work!

I’m currently working on a super high profile commercial project that I can’t talk about yet but can’t wait to let loose. Keep watching the blog for more information on this project.

They say ‘you can always go back home’ right? Well look like I’ll be doing that if all goes as I (and some friends) would like. Not literally going home but work wise. I may be going back into comics doing some high profile comic book illustration again in the future over at one of the major publishers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this and will definitely pass info along as things unfold. They are excited, I am excited and that togeather makes for a fun time for all! Needless to say I am stoked and it seems like a good way to keep working if a SAG strike happens.

Well that’s it for now! I’ll post more later!

From Hollywood,