‘lil bit about my storyboard/comics workflow

Craig Gilmore


Hi all,

Since some people have asked….I thought I might talk a little bit about my workflow process as it relates to storyboard and comics. I’ll have to break this up into sections as I will only cover one part of the development at a time.

1- Circles and words-
When I get a script, the first thing I am interested in doing is taking it and breaking it down into bite size digestable images. There is certainly a lot of information in a normal movie script so what I do (and this goes for comics as well) is take a Colerase blue pencil and read the script. As I go, I circle sections of the script that I think would make a cool image, always keeping in mind that the story is the thing. A cool image alone is great, but in storyboarding and comics every image has to have a purpose and move the story further. So each image *has* to supply the viewer the visual information to tell the story correctly while at the same time suggest camera angles, sets, animation, special effects, all the things a production would need. So I go and cover the whole script and in the end I have a bunch of circled “panels or frames” that I would draw out later. Also during this phase, I’ll often write little notes to myself as to what I would like to do.

Next time……. 2) – Thumbnail sketches and the art of drawing really small….