Monday update post

Craig Gilmore


Monday! Gotta love it right?

This is just an update post, some general stuff, and more general stuff….

Last weekend my mother and fater in-law visited for a few days. We went to Wilmington for a few days since they had never been to the Atlantic ocean. They live in California so thier only beach experience has been cold ones up to this point. They were happily suprised at the water temp out here in NC. We also went to the battleship NC and did the walk through tour. I highly reccommend this tour and the battleship is quite inpressive. Just thinking what those men went though on a day to day basis is incredible! Go do the tour when you can!

I’m fielding some new storyboarding assignmets. Good projects, and new clients so I’m very excited if they come through. Its still early in the game, just quoting presently, and working out details.

I finished the first draft of my personal project. A comic book story called “Time and time again”. I’m going to do all the writing and illustration work on this one, so I’m excited! Spoke with publisher Desperado Publishing, and they are interested in publishing it when it is done. Hopefully that will be in a decent timeframe. Looks like it will cover about 5-6 of illustrated pages to tell the short story, so that isn’t too intensive and as long as I have time I should have it done soon.

That’s it! More later!