New blogs and an update

Craig Gilmore


Hi everyone!

I have a couple of bit of info to pass on –

1- I have 2 new blogs sites.

The first is which is a mirror blog of this blogger site, but just under the umbrella of Film Shots. Use which ever one you prefer. I will update both of the blogs with the latest news around the studio, so if you prefer Blogger, keep using it. If you prefer the Film Shots blog from my site, feel free to use that one. Basically, what happened is the Blogger one was my first one and I started this one before I had my official website, then once I got my website I decided to have my blog through my own site. Then…after thinking about it, I decided I’d keep both of them going so people don’t get confused as to where to go to get the latest information on my work. Plus more sites doubles my hits, and gets my work in front of more people, so marketing played a part in my decision as well.

The other new site is my new sketchblog. It’s basically a place for me to publish some of my sketches and what I do when I’m not doing commercial work. It’s a rare occasion these days that I have a chance to do my own work, so I thought it would be fun to share it! The address is – Enjoy!

2 – My production update: Just completed or ongoing –

1 – Character design, set, and prop design for a video game
2 – Animation storyboards
3 – Live action storyboards for CW Network’s “One Tree Hill” episodes 401-402-403

I am sending out job bids a a brisk pace and there are so many cool projects to work on! Fun stuff all. I’ll update as things come in.

That’s it for now, but keep checkin’ back for new developments.