New movie release and update!

Craig Gilmore


Hi everyone!

Well it’s a new year and with it brings new adventures and challenges. I am really thankful for all that has happened over last year. Although a very challenging time, I was really blessed for good health and projects.

So getting into it….
1) “The way of war” – starring Cuba Gooding Jr. – What a fantastic project and I am so thankful for both the chance to meet and work with John Carter and Scott Schafer (director and writer). Those guys know what they are doing and it was really a pleasure to do pre-production for them. I hope to work with those guys again soon. The trailer can be found here –

2) “Main Street” – starring Colin Firth, Orlando Bloome, Amber Tamblin, Patricia Clarkson, and others. As always, I’m excited about the project, looking forward to seeing the end result and have made a ton of friends I hope to work with again soon. Especially John Doyle and Christopher Nowak. These guys were fantastic and very easy to work with! Thanks so much and hope to work together again soon.

So! Therwise I find myself in strange (but comfortable waters) here in Atlanta, Ga. at least for the time being. Atlanta seems to be a springboard for my launch for work somehow and I hope Hollywood is ready. Damn after last year let’s do it!!

So otherwise…last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes…. a very controllable disease. I am one of millions of people that have to deal with the disease. I am not one to push a specific product but hell….this one really is great (local from NC and my local area specific) for foot care and other skin care … I grew up around them Fantastic non -alcoholic skin care product especially for poeple with type 2 diabetes. But it……recommend it. Also, if you have ANY symtoms of neuropo.athy