New post 2012!!

Craig Gilmore


Hi everyone! I am so sorry to be so lax with my blog. I have just been slammed with work and my blog should be a priority to update everyone with my work but it just hasn’t. Instead, I have been emailing my clients with a newsletter upating with new art, new projects, and new information. Instead of typing out all the new project info, I am just including images of my newsletter to view. I think it’s a quick update and not as much typing involved lol.

What is NOT included in the newsletter images posted here are these 2 projects.

1- I just finished another episode of “The Walking Dead”!! Images and details to come soon!
2- I just finished storyboarding 2 spots for a new major advertising agency. Very cool spots and I will share as soon as I can.

Please note my new header and it includes all of my contact information.

I’ll post more soon I promise!