New stuff…….still from LA

Craig Gilmore


Hi everybody!

Just thought I’d pop on and let ya know the new what’ up’.

1- I’m working wrapping up storyboards this week for a video game project for THQ in San Diego which has been a lot of fun over the last few weeks. I’ll tell ya more about it at a later point because of non-disclosures but I have to say it’s really cool and should be a fun game. Plus I’m gettign to work with some old buddies and that’s always fun.

2- I just finished some concept sketches for my buddies at Design Reactor and I always look forward to working with them. Thanks guys!

3- Next up, it’s back up the 5 from San Diego to LA to do a new live action feature film. I should be on that for the 5 weeks or so.

Things are going well and keep our fingers crossed that the SAG negotiations go well coming up, and let’s hope thay don’t strike like the writer’s did. Let all keep working shall we??

Lastly I’m adding another illustration and I hope you like it. It’s from a Volvo trucks ad campaign.
Signing off for now but I’ll write more later!