Newest movie and video game release

Craig Gilmore


Hi all!

First off…”Happy Halloween to everyone!!!! My second fav holiday behind Christmas.

Just a quick update on some new releases I worked on that hopefully you will find pretty fun and cool. With the Halloween season upon us, now is a good time to go check out my newest movie “Sorority Row”. It’s a pretty fun film. Scary and is doing pretty well at the box office. Here’s the link to the official site –

When you are a pro illustrator, the path to success lies in your ability to be a chameleon and change gears on the fly, so on a more lighthearted humorous note, also just released is Pixar’s “Cars Race o’ Rama” video game for all video game platforms. Published by THQ and my buddies at Incinerator Studios. Here’s the official site – It was a really fun project and I always enjoy working with them. Of course the first was “Spongebob Squarepants Nicktoons: in Globs of Doom” game last year.

I have a lot of stuff in the works and will post more as I can (legally :-))

Have fun trick or treating with the kids!!