October 2010 update

Craig Gilmore


Hi everyone!

Hope this finds you well :-). This will be another quick update but I have been busy with advertising storyboards and also pitch art. Things continue to pick up which is a great thing.

Just worked on a job for a New Zealand ad agency which was fun. We even worked out the time differences lol. Just finished bidding on a couple of more projects as well as meeting with animation house for possible work on their projects. It’s an FX Network series and I really do enjoy it so I hope for work with the in the future.

Otherwise just keepin’ in real in the ATL. I love the summer and warm weather but…yep I’m ready for a little fall in my diet. Plus now that it’s October and the Halloween season (my fav behind Christmas) the weather is cooling down an is a welcome change from the sweltering heat and humidity that is the Georgia summers.

But since I haven’t posted any new art in a while I thought I’d post a few of my older ones in the spirit of Halloween! These were all done for either comics or video games….Hope you enjoy!

Sho’ nuff!