October update

Craig Gilmore


Hi all,

Well a lot has been going on lately personally and professionally. I think the biggest news for the moment is that I’m finally heading back home (for now) after almost 8 months of being on the west coast. We’ve been out here where I’ve been working on projects in San Diego and Los Angeles and my wife and I taking care of her father in Arizona while going through kemotherapy treatments. He’s now doing much better and we have the all clear to leave. Boy, is it going to be nice sleeping in my own bed and not living like gypsies!! You really learn to appreciate the small things in life!

I’ve been very busy lately with various storyboarding and concept illustration projects for tv commercials and am getting set to start a new video game project in the coming weeks doing some storyboarding. I’m really excited about this upcoming project and working with old friends again!

Just worked with my buddies over at the “One Tree Hill” tv show on some illustration work. I did some boards, concept and prop illustration this round.. A great show and a great crew. Now in it’s 6th season I think?? Pretty amazing.

My last movie “The secret life of bees” was released a few weeks ago. Make sure to check it out in your local theater! It’s a great movie.

We (the collective entertainment industry) are *still* watching the SAG/AMPTP contract negotiations very closely. This is just my little rant on it but c’mon people, please settle this. It’s hurting everyone and the ability to provide for our families in movie and tv industry. SAG, I know fair is fair and you have to negotiate the best contract possible. However, eveyone else (AFTRA, Writers, etc) that has recently negotiated a fair contract with AMPTP is now working and moving on and has put it all behind them. You have been offered the same contract, please let’s just all just get along and work. We have to make a living and compensation for our talents is warranted, however, shouldn’t we be happy making a better than average living doing what we love to do?

Well, that wraps it up for this episode. I’ll write more later on east coast time! Woo hoo! HAPPY HALLOWEEN everybody!! Watch out for the little ghouls and goblins in your neighborhood tonight. Have fun and be safe.