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Craig Gilmore


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“Pre-Visual Art Studio Bridges The Gap Between Entertainment Industries”

Hillsborough, NC – With the continuous and ever apparent merging and crossing over of story and visual art content in the motion picture, television, comic book, and video game industries; there is a growing need for creative out-sources that can move comfortably and smoothly between the various industries and provide a ‘medium’ for the various art departments to enhance their pre-production process. The ever growing popularity of major fantastical films such as the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Spiderman 2”, “The Matrix”, and “King Kong”, as well as television shows such as NBC’s “Surface”, and even teen dramas such as WB’s “One Tree Hill” and Fox’s “OC”, are turning more and more to pre-visual art sources for storyboarding, concept art, character development and design, illustration, and matte painting to save production dollars and time before committing to film, tape, or digital video. Video games are growing up as well, and are now competing financially and creatively in the major markets for the entertainment consumers. As such, the creative teams are also increasingly relying on the talents of pre-visual artists to plant the creative sparks to launch and bring to life their titles, initially relying heavily on storyboards, illustration and character development for fuel. Titles such as “Stranger’s Wrath” from EA Games, and “The Mark of Kri” from SCEA illustrate the needs for creative content in the interactive games arena. The cross pollination of characters (i.e. “Spiderman” in film, TV, comic books, and video games) into different forms of entertainment, requires artists who are increasingly aware and
educated in the different needs and procedures of various creative outlets. Producers, directors, and editors agree: Pre-visual art saves time and money for productions that are constantly trying to find ways to stay in the ‘black’ because of special effects, high actor salaries, and the day-to-day costs of doing business in the competitive creative marketplace.

To help supply the increasing demand for pre-visual art worldwide, Film Shots Studio was realized. Officially started in 2005, it is the home base studio for artist Craig Gilmore, a 17 year veteran of the film, TV, animation, advertising, video game and comic book illustration industries. Film Shots is quickly carving an impressive creative name in the Pre-viz art world with clients such as NBC/Universal, Warner Brothers television, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Cartoon Network,
Sony, Turner Entertainment, and Capital City Entertainment. “Companies want to save money, and the way to do that is to have a studio like ‘Film Shots’ to help with the creative workload, and provide the creative expertise in the subject matter and storytelling. Suprisingly, there aren’t that many studios out there that concentrate on pre-visualization artwork alone. Most studios, try to be a ‘jack of all trades to help spread out their work, but my approach is to concentrate on what I am good at and supply the same useful artwork too many different industries rather than many types of art to one single industry. It’s proven to be an extremely successful formula for my work. Good directors always see the finished film before they shoot it. That is where storyboards and concept art for example are extremely helpful. It helps the director to ‘see’ and solidify their vision.” When asked about Film Shot’s geographic location of Hillsborough, NC, based away from the entertainment epi-centers of Hollywood and New York, Gilmore replied “With today’s technology, FTP and high speed secure internet, I work with companies anywhere in the world. I can upload artwork and get it to a company or director almost instantaneously for approvals. With air travel these days, I can, and do travel for on site meetings, reference and location shoots, with the directors/staff if needed. I like the fact that I can live in such a small, sleepy town atmosphere and at the same time, enjoy the fast lane of entertainment art without physically being there. I love my work and I love the career direction that Film Shots provides: Storyboards, concept, illustration, painting, and even the occasional animation.”

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