Production updates 3/30/06

Craig Gilmore


Production updates 3/30/06

I’m working on some really cool new stuff at the moment!

I’m continuing to build the momentum and effect of Film Shots in the entertainment industries this year, and working on more and more exciting projects!

  1. Currently, I’m in the middle of a storyboard project for WB television’s “One Tree Hill, which is very satisfying personally. I’ve not missed an episode since season 1, so contributing creatively to the show is a blast!
  2. I am also in the early phases of storyboard and concept illustration for an unannounced upcoming short feature film, which is to make the major indy circuits soon.
  3. My comic book story is still ‘on the table’ so to say, although lately with my contractual work, it has been more ‘under or next to the table’ (. Hopefully, I will be able to get to it again in the near future, as it will also serve as storyboards when I go into production in the short film version I’ll shoot at a later point when my schedule allows.
  4. I’m in the very early stages of pre-viz illustration and character animation on another video game title to be released in the future.

Well, That’s it for now! Keep checking in with me, and gimmie a call for all of your pre-viz needs!!


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