"Surface" clarification…

Craig Gilmore


The art I recently posted from “Surface” has been getting a lot of attention. That’s awesome and I am glad the art viewing public likes the illustrations as I posted them for viewing enjoyment. 🙂 However, I do need to clarify one thing that has come to light through fans of the show. Although I did like the show and was more than happy to contribute creatively, these illustrations were from the *original season* and in no way shape or form are to be considered *new* concept art for a return of the series. I have no connections with the higher-ups as NBC and have heard absolutely nothing in the way of continuing the series. I am a hired gun to illustrate what the client needs for a particular project and I don’t have any sort of pull or influence on bringing the show back. Please don’t contact me for this. If “Surface” returns it would be solely by the choice of NBC. I hope this doesn’t dishearten fans of the series and members the site http://www.savesurface.com. I know there are a lot of people out there that want the series to return. The people involved with that website are doing the right thing by continuing to speak out and hopefully will have some influence with NBC. I personally have no influence on the show other than it would be cool to see it come back on someday…..

I hope this clears the air about my influence with NBC which is *none* :-).