"Time and time again" and movie

Craig Gilmore


Good morning!

Haven’t posted in a while. Its been hectic around here in the last few weeks, but all is getting back to “normal” it seems. I just got the go ahead from my publisher to delve head first into the comic book story I want to do. Not that it matters. I intended to do it anyway, even it it was going to see the published light of day, BUT, this helps the motivation factor for sure. I’m already making some headway on it, so I’m happy. Its a return to the medium that started it all for me career wise, and one I haven’t worked in for about 10 years. I’m excited again, and find myself flourishing creatively, after a number of years of being disheartened with the comic book medium as a whole. After…. I’ve been thinking of possibly shooting a short film version of it after its complete. The comic book story will basically be the shooting storyboards any way, so will be ahead of the production process. Of course I’ll probably have to do additional boards but thats what I love to do so no work involved. I’ll talk to some actors and scout set locales this fall. Once again just thoughts right now, but definitely something I am interested in following up on when its done and persuing. I’ve been finding myself going more and more towards film as my career progresses. Its a natural step and the industry I was intended to work in since birth. A culmination of all my talents and experience, a place to stay challenged, and a comfortable place to call “home”. Time will tell…… my creative wheels are always turning. More later!