What’s goin’ ’round the studio

Craig Gilmore


Hello everybody!

Spring (and pollen) is in the air so I wanted to update on the projects I’m working on right now and in the coming months. Lots of cool stuff going on for sure. As usual with my work, non disclosures and confidentialities keep me from a) posting some really sweet art and b) keep me from announcing the names/companies of the projects until after they are released in theaters or on shelves. Needless to say, the past year has been a crazy one and I have a ton of new work to show *eventually* 🙂 I’ll be redesigning my website once I can get around to it. It needs a facelift and what I have in mind should blow the current one away! Stay tuned. I’ll be announcing it once it’s live.

As far as particulars:
1- I’m tying up a couple of illustration projects that have been ongoing for the last few weeks and will be done next week.

2 – This week I accepted a new film offer to do storyboards and also a movie poster. I’m really jazzed and excited to get rolling on this project! It’s a horror film and of course I love horror films.

3 – I’m in negotiations with a new entertainment company to do storyboards and conceptual artwork for their films/properties. As it looks now, I’ll be starting this around the end of May and will be working on it into the summer.

4 – I still continue to produce storyboards, animatics, and conceptual artwork for video games and this is a great outlet and opportunity for creative endeavors as well.

5 – My own film….Well as mentioned, it’s on the backburner. I just can’t seem to get a chance to do it right now because of all the illustration but it’s still on the table. Hopefully I’ll get to it this year. As it’s a lobor of love, I’m in no hurry and have no particular schedule set. I just want to do it right when I do it.

6 – My agents continue to get me some good projects and opportunities, and I never know what’s going to come down the pipe with them :-).

7 – I just wrapped up some storyboards for a couple of tv commercial spots for Boulevard Films up in Charlotte. They are great people to work with and I look forward to do so again in the future.

*Having said all of this, I’m always in the market for new projects so don’t be turned away because of my schedule. If you have a storyboarding or illustration need, give me a call or email! I love speaking with you about your projects and always try to be accomodating and competative in the marketplace :-).

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll write more later…….