wow….a new post!

Craig Gilmore


Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Life continues to be difficulty as far as health of family members, etc. I’ve honestly not had the heart to play with blogs. But I do hope to get back into the groove soon.

I’ve been staying busy with film and advertising work although like everyone else, it’s slower than I’d like. But my agent in LA just called about a new film gig so that’s a positive and I did just finish working on a FOX NFL commercial so that was cool. Otherwise I’ve been busy with other ‘non art’ stuff.

I will be producing new pieces of art coming up and will post some of those for you all to enjoy as soon as I do them. Until then, let’s all hope the economy turns around and jobs come back around to ‘somewhat’ normal states. I’m posting a couple of older pieces that were sketches produced as commissions and RPG game art years ago. These pieces are pretty much relics and I just have pics. I don’t even own the originals anymore but I thought you might like to see them. It’s actually fun to see how my work have evolved over the 21 years lol. I was working in a much looser, more ‘painterly’ style in those days. Maybe I should revisit some of that style and see what comes out of it? I hope you enjoy them, as much as I did producing them 🙂

I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy, and well. 🙂 I’ll be talking soon.